Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

TPMS Systems are becoming increasing common on modern cars. An excellent safety feature, they indicate a tyre with low pressure long before it would be noticeable. This help to constantly keep the correct tyre pressure correct can extend a tyre life as well as help to cut down on uneven wear.

If you are regularly getting an illuminated TPMS light you may need to see our PUNCTURE REPAIR page. If you have a faulty TPMS sensor we can provide a fully coded and fitted sensor at often less than half of a main dealer alternative.

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All types of tyres catered for.

Tyres need checking regularly. If you are running with a nail you might not be aware! Let Target do a Health Check on your tyres. We only offer sound advice and it’s better to prevent a flat (or worse) than to take risks. If you do need a new tyre, we will tell you what the options are and offer our recommendation.

Tyres in Sowerby Bridge

Our technicians are here to ensure your car is safe and roadworthy.

They are qualified in all aspects of vehicle repairs, from bulbs to brakes, exhausts to engines, steering to suspension, and EVERYTHING in between!

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MOT in Sowerby Bridge

Is your car due an MOT? Why not book in with us for an efficient and hassle-free MOT service?

For only £45 you get your yearly MOT Test and a free re-test if you need one. Appointments available Monday to Friday.

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Servicing in Sowerby Bridge

Regular servicing maintains reliability, safety and efficiency.

We offer both warranty approved servicing for vehicles 0-3 years old and a fixed price servicing menu for vehicles 3-30 years old.

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