Fixed Price Servicing

Regular servicing is important to keeping your car safe, reliable and efficient. It is a saying within the trade that ‘one pound spent on servicing saves five pounds on repairs.’ Here at Target Tyres we have servicing packages to suit all vehicles and pockets.

Full Service – £149.99

We recommend a full service every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. We would replace your Engine Oil, Oil Filter & Air Filter. Pollen Filters, Fuel Filters and Spark Plugs would be checked and replaced if necessary. We also add a fuel system cleaner additive.

We will also check/top up all fluids and your car will be treated to our comprehensive list of routine servicing jobs such as lubrication of moving parts such as locks and hinges, protection of exposed parts such as brake lines and fuel pipes and adjustment where required of mechanisms such as your handbrake.

Finally we will visually inspect lights, wipers, coil springs, shockers etc for wear, corrosion and effectiveness.

Interim Service – £89.99

We recommend this service for very low mileage users, or as a 6 monthly service for very high mileage users to have in between full services. This service includes replacement Oil & Oil Filter. We will also check/top up all fluids and carry out a visual inspection of your cars under-body and electrical components.

Warranty approved for vehicles up to 3 years old

Due to ‘Block Exemption’ rules, car manufacturers are no longer allowed to force you to return to their main dealers for servicing to maintain your vehicle’s warranty. As an independent auto centre we can provide your new vehicle with the OE quality parts and service schedule that the manufacturers set out to ensure optimal care. Prices vary based on make, model and amount of servicing work required.

Please call us on 01422 646366 or click here to check pricing and book in.


Services start from £89.99

Is it that time of year again? Don’t despair! For only £40 we provide an MOT test service. In the event of any issues found we will contact you with a full explanation and a detailed quote before any work is carried out. Wherever possible we aim to complete any required work the same day and provide a free re-test.

Hydroflow Carbon Cleaning now Available.

Carbon build up on the inside of an engine reduces power and raises emissions over time as well as causing faults with sensors, sticking EGR valves, blocked DPF’s and catalytic converters and generally reducing efficiency. Cars that do only short journeys, and particularly diesels, will build up carbon at an alarming rate making for expensive future repairs. We have now invested in this proven equipment from the USA which enables our customers to keep on top of carbon build up for an affordable price.

Single One-Off Clean – £84.00 inc VAT.

For vehicles below 100,000 miles, a single clean will free up and deposit carbon out of the exhaust pipe leaving a cleaner more efficient engine.

Two Stage Clean – £99.00 inc VAT.

For vehicles over 100,000 miles, we will do one clean and then rebook it to be completed again 1000 miles later, to completely clear any carbon that the first clean couldn’t remove. Price covers both sessions.

With any Service – £42.00 inc VAT.

An amazing offer of 50% off a single clean when booked with either a Full Service or Basic Service. We recommend a clean with every other service, or every year if the vehicle does only short journeys.

Car Repairs in Sowerby Bridge

Our technicians are here to ensure your car is safe and roadworthy.

They are qualified in all aspects of vehicle repairs, from bulbs to brakes, exhausts to engines, steering to suspension, and EVERYTHING in between!

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MOT in Sowerby Bridge

Is your car due an MOT? Why not book in with us for an efficient and hassle-free MOT service?

For only £35 you get your yearly MOT Test and a free re-test if you need one. Appointments available Monday to Friday.

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Tyres in Sowerby Bridge

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a high-performance 4×4 or an efficient little city car.

Target Tyres has a range of options, from low cost to premium, often in stock and ready for fitting at very competitive prices.

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