Target Tyres (Halifax) Ltd



In these conditions: – ‘company’ means Target Tyres (Halifax) Ltd, registered in England and Wales under company number 09472494. ‘Customer’ means any person(s), company or organisation that receives or attempts to receive goods or services, paid or unpaid, requested or otherwise from the company. ‘Work’ and ‘Job’ means the process involved in the company supplying goods or services to the customer(s).

Incorporation of Conditions

All contracts for the purchase and/or sale of goods and services entered into by the company and any customer(s) shall be deemed to incorporate these Terms and Conditions and no amendment or addition shall be binding on the company unless agreed to in writing by an authorised representative of the company. Any order/instruction/request by the customer which involves any goods or services being provided by the company shall constitute an order/instruction/request by the customer under these conditions.

Quotations & Estimates

Where an estimate or quotation is requested or offered, this is a considered approximation of the cost of goods or services based on the information held at that time. The company will endeavour to provide goods or services for the figure given where reasonably possible. There may be occasions where the final amount will be higher or lower than that given, should for example a vehicle repair take more or less time than expected or require more or less parts. The company will endeavour to inform the customer and gain approval for any additional chargeable goods or services before proceeding with them, unless for the following reasons; a.) a vehicle may be or become dangerous if use is continued without the relevant addition(s), b.) continued use of a vehicle without the relevant addition(s) may cause damage or accelerated wear to the component fitted by the company or to other components, where failure of that component could be attributed to the goods or services provided by the company, c.) without the relevant addition(s) the authorised work would not be able to be completed. Quotations for new tyres are valid for 7 days if given in writing by a company representative. Prices obtained online, through advertisements or indirectly are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Quotations or estimates for other goods or services are subject to change without prior notice.

Special Offers

Any special offers advertised for discounted goods or services are to be viewed as a reduction from the full usual selling price and not that of any price quoted by a representative of the company before any offer is presented, as during most promotions representatives are trained to offer any available discounts without need for a customer prompt. This is to ensure fair and transparent pricing for all customers.

Carrying Out Work

Representatives will use policies and procedures put in place by the company to achieve the following; a.) to endeavour to provide an excellent standard of work at all times, b.) to try to complete all work within arranged time brackets, c.) to attempt to provide excellent value to customers whilst carrying out work. Representatives will carry out free of charge visual safety checks on vehicles which have been pre-booked into the garage to further improve the quality of service. The company is not liable for any faults with the vehicle which do not become apparent during these checks. Once the customer is informed of any defects the responsibility is with the customer to arrange repair. In the event of a customer arriving at the garage for work completing without being pre-booked, the only work that will be carried out is work specifically requested by the customer and no additional checks of any nature will be performed unless by request. The company is entitled to sub-contract any part or all the work but the same warranties apply. If the company does not complete the work in full a reasonable charge will be made for work that has been done.


Payment for individual goods or services is accepted in cash or by major credit or debit cards, excluding American Express. Payment for monthly billing is accepted by cash, card, cheque or BACS. All payment is due on the completion of work unless monthly billing terms have previously been agreed in writing. If a customer does not have means to make a payment for any reason once work is completed ‘Form 67’ should be filled in by the customer and a company representative. The company can retain the vehicle until cleared funds are received. After 7 days, the company will charge storage at £5 + vat per day. Monthly billing terms are strictly for customers that expect to use the company for goods or services more than three times per month and payment must be made as soon as reasonably possible once our monthly invoice has been received. The company does not offer or imply ‘30 days’ or any other terms.


All goods remain the property of the company until paid for in full, however it is the possessor of the goods who is responsible for their condition and for their relevant insurance in the case of loss or damage. The company reserves the right to repossess goods not paid for in full at any time and any additional items required to do so, for example a wheel rim when repossessing a tyre.

Warranties on Goods

All goods come with their relevant manufacturer’s warranty. The company does not warrant any goods which do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The company does not warrant used parts or used tyres. The company does not warrant any tyres supplied by a customer or any third party. Tyres which come with an ‘accidental damage warranty’ are subject to manufacturer terms and conditions, the company will fulfil its obligations as required subject to a fitting fee..

Warranties on Workmanship

The company warrants workmanship on any work completed by its representatives for a period of 1 month or 1,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. If for any reason following receipt of services the customer is unhappy with any part of the process or outcome, warranties apply as stated above. The terms of the warranty are; a.) the customer must report the defect to the company by post or e-mail, or by telephone with a follow up by post or e-mail, at the earliest opportunity and give the company the opportunity to rectify the defect, b.) the customer must not continue to use the vehicle if use of the vehicle may worsen the defect, c) no components will be replaced under warranty which are not part of the manufacturers original specification, d.) The company is obliged to replace defected parts only and not additional service parts such as oils, body panels etc. which may usually be replaced as part of that repair. The company is not obliged to replace parts which the manufacturer advises it is ‘best practice’ to replace unless required to maintain standards as set out for an MOT test. The company may fit used parts which it WILL warrant as long as they meet or exceed the condition of the original part before the defect, e.) if there is another component(s) which may have caused the supplied component to fail, all components and labour are chargeable, f.) if the vehicle is used in any motorsports or otherwise used not in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations the warranty is not valid, g.) warranties do not apply to modified vehicles, h.)  if the defect is a direct or indirect result of normal wear and tear the warranty is not valid, i.) if the defect is a direct or indirect result of poor vehicle maintenance before or after the work the warranty is not valid, j.) if any instructions for care given following the work have not been adhered to the warranty is not valid, k.) this warranty does not cover additional costs caused by unfortunate situations during works such as seized spark plugs snapping, metal threads failing etc, l.) under any circumstances the value of any warranty claim cannot exceed the value of the original work. The company does not warrant any used goods, or workmanship on jobs where used goods are fitted as replacement items, any subsequent faults with said items will be treated as a separate job. The company does not provide any warranty on workmanship where customer supplied tyres are fitted and any subsequent faults with said tyres will be treated as a separate job.

Losses, Damages and Liability

The company will maintain correct insurance to cover its liabilities at all times. The customer should remove any items of monetary or sentimental value from the vehicle as we will not accept any liability for damages or the loss of such items. The company accepts no liability for loss of earnings, costs of alternative transport, recovery, personal injury or any other such costs under any circumstances. Whilst representatives are trained to use great care whilst carrying out the tyre changing process, the company accepts no liability for damage to wheels caused by the process. The coating on the wheel should be of high enough quality to withstand the tyre change and/or the use of our protective equipment, both of which include contact with the wheel face surface from the tyre and/or protective equipment as per standard practice. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they leave the premises with items used during work including but not limited to; a.) locking wheel nut keys, b.) inflation tools, c.) wheel bolt/nut covers and relevant pullers, d.) possessions removed to access these items, e.) bags or boxes which contained these items. The company accepts no responsibility for the loss of these items once the vehicle has left the premises. It is the responsibility of the customer to make representatives aware if their vehicle requires putting into a ‘jacking up mode’ or similar, or if the manufacturers jacking point is no longer strong enough due to corrosion or for any other reason. Whilst the company will try to assist the customer with this information should it have it, the company accepts no responsibility for damage to suspension or other components as a result of special modes or individual practices not being used. Whilst representatives are aware of the fragile nature of certain types of locking wheel nut systems, the company accepts no responsibility for damage to locking wheel nuts or locking wheel nut keys when damage has occurred during the normal tyre changing process. Additional charges may be made to remove locking wheel nuts should the customer require us to do so. In this event, it is the customer’s responsibility to replace the removed wheel nuts/bolts.


We accept the return of unused items within 7 days of sale, if they are in a resalable condition and the customer produces the receipt. The company reserves the right to charge a 15% restocking fee. Tyres which have been fitted to a wheel are classed as used and therefore are not returnable under any circumstances. If a customer wishes to return a tyre to its manufacturer for inspection the company will assist with this process but will not provide a replacement tyre for the customer to use in the meantime.


Terms for customers using the company’s tyre storage facility are as follows; a.) the company has the right to dispose of items not collected or used for 1 year, b.) tyres are left at the customer’s own risk, the company accepts no liability for loss, damage, fire or theft of tyres in its possession. Any vehicle which remains on site overnight for any reason must remain on site covered by the customer’s own insurance. The company accepts no liability for theft or damage to vehicles or possessions whilst the vehicle is on site.


The company sends MOT text reminders as part of our MOT service. These reminders are given as a part of the job, so an MOT has a reminder included as part of the service for when the MOT test we have done is about to expire. We will not send any future communications unless another MOT is completed which warrants one. This is to remain compliant with current GDPR regulations. The company accepts no responsibility for receipt of reminders nor for a customer’s MOT status.

Data Protection

We store minimal data about our customers. This includes name, contact number, vehicle details and products purchased. We do not store credit/debit card or bank account information. The information we do keep may be used to track general sales data, do general market research, or send out customer specific messages for example MOT reminders or important information on products purchased, such as recalls. The company is fully PCI compliant.

Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms of Business shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and the English Courts of Law shall have the jurisdiction to settle any disputes between the company and the customer.

These terms of business are displayed in our premises, on our website and printed copies are available on request.